Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Urology is a super specialty department that aims at providing consultation, diagnosis and treatment for cancerous (malignant) and noncancerous (benign) diseases of the urinary tract, including prostate, kidney and bladder cancer; urinary incontinence; benign prostatic hyperplasia and kidney stones.

The team of urologists at Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Urology offer compassionate, state-of-the-art care for males and females of all ages. The Urosurgeons have special expertise in performing minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery that results in less discomfort and bleeding and a faster recovery than conventional surgery. The team of urologists at Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Urology is also recognised in various medical platforms for exceptional patient outcomes in kidney operations and endoscopic procedures used to diagnose and treat upper urinary tract disorders.

Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Urology also specialises in providing specialised assistance for sexual health. The specialised clinics at each unit of Chandra Laxmi Hospital is supported by a team of gynaecologists and uro-andrologists who specialise in providing counselling, treatment and management for issues such as – premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, Hypogonadism, penile prosthesis, low semen count, infertility, etc.

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