Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Neurology has a top-ranked team of neurologists which are experts at diagnosing and treating more than 500 neurological conditions, including many rare or complex disorders. The institute is recognised nationally as one of the best in India for diagnosis and treatment of neurological ailments. The institute specialises in the management and the treatment of motor neuron issues, movement disorders, dementia’s, congnitive diseases, stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. Over the years Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Neurology has emerged as the leading institute in India for the treatment of neuro-oncology, multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders, autoimmune neurology and pediatric neurology. The institute is supported by a team of specialised neurologists of national and international equipped with the state of the art radio-diagnosis infrastructure and clinical protocols.

Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Neurology also has specific and specialised clinical protocols to treat headaches, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve, sleep neurology and speech pathology. Chandra Laxmi Hospital of Neurology is also supported by state of the art diagnostic equipment and radiology infrastructure such as CT Scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Functional MRI, to list a few. All units are also equipped with the latest sleep labs, EEG and EMG infrastructure to understand any brain ailments that may require neurosurgical implications.

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